38 thoughts on “Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days

  1. eXXo MUSIC

    I am 15 years and i love the 80's 90's song, i meet them from Vice City and my father, i would like live in 80's or 90's

  2. Serene Chaos UK

    Why do you have to 'Sign In To Confirm you Age' ?? Please PLEASE for the love of God don't tell me it's because you see a couple of toddlers naked on the beach ! ! So that's now sexually provocative is it ! ? Certainly not in the 80s; WHAT KIND OF PERVERTED SOCIETY ARE WE NOW LIVING IN !??

  3. PoliWaat!

    did the SJW made this age restricted? i hope there's a shooting inside your building youtube just like dem boys on school shootings


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